Container Handlers, Reachstackers, Large Forklift Trucks & Spare Parts

Quality Used Loaded and Empty Container Handlers, Reachstacker Container Handlers, Large Forklift Trucks and Yard Tractors and other specialty Container Handling Equipment Available Now!

Intermodal Supply, LLC offers a variety of reliable second-hand Container Handling Machines and Large Forklift Trucks from our inventory and we are continually updating our machines so please visit us frequently and send us a request if you are looking for a particular machine and we would be happy to help.

Our professional services provide for all of your Container Handling Equipment, Forklift Trucks and Spare Parts needs. Take advantage of our full range of expert logistical services, including: disassembly, truck and ocean transport, re-assembly at your location and supply of all recommended spare parts.

Please visit our site to view our current inventory in more detail.

Also, we please take advantage of our Spare Parts & Technical Service Department. We specialize in personalized attention and value driven service and would be happy to assist with your inquiry. Contact us at or at Tel: 910.799.5200.

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